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Get Your Floors Back In Line And Let Us Supply And Apply Line Marking And Safety Zones To Suit Your Needs

Are your floors in need of line marking or safety zones? New or old flooring, warehouse or factory floor, industrial safety marking will help keep your people safe.

PM Industries specialises at line marking in Perth and regional WA and can adapt to any job or customer requirement. We provide flooring services to help fulfil customer needs. Whether its an area of a parking lot or the whole parking lot re-lined, our specialists have the know-how to complete it quickly and effectively. All our marking is done in line with the Australian codes of practise and standards.

We provide services for many purposes from the simplest line painting to the most complicated markings, including but not limited to marking for pedestrian crossings,  marking for safety zones or marking for any other areas that need to be demarcated such as sports fields, car parks, tennis courts and footpaths.

Some of the services we offer:

  • Pedestrian and Vehicle Crossings
  • Factory and Warehouse Marking
  • Loading Zone Marking
  • Car Park Marking
  • Sport Line Marking
  • Shopping Centres and Retail Marking
  • Schools and Government Buildings
  • Industrial Industries

Line Remarking Services in Perth

PM industries can offer more than just line marking on new jobs, we can also help you to keep your lines up to date. Remarking lines is a great way to give your carpark or workplace a fresh new look while keeping your workplace safe. PM Industries strives on always delivering a quality final product in Perth and will use all the tools necessary to make sure the job is done correct to a high standard the first time.

It’s important to make sure your car parking lines are kept visible to avoid any potential accidents or having vehicles parked in non-car parking zones. This is especially important if you are reserving space for parent or disability car parking zones.

We Are Perth's Line Marking Specialists

PM Industries is a specialist company for line marking and maintenance. We are a team of Perth professionals with years of experience in the industry.

Why Line Marking Is Important

Line marking is used to denote parking spaces, pedestrian crossings, bicycle lanes and other lane markings. They are also used to denote where vehicles are not allowed to park, such as close to intersections. These markings are useful for drivers and pedestrians alike because they help them to know where they can or cannot drive. this is especially helpful for drivers in big cities like Perth where there are a lot of one-way streets and intersections. Parking spaces are marked with a solid line, pedestrian crossings are marked with a zebra-stripe, bicycle lanes are marked with a double solid white line, and other lane markings are marked with a dashed line. vehicles are not allowed to park close to intersections, which is marked with a solid white line. 

Safety Zone Marking

Safety zones can play a major role in every commercial and industrial workplace by keeping safety and efficiency high. PM Industries has the capability to cover all basis and can cater to all our client’s needs. Safe walkway zones are the best way to keep workers and visitor safe from traffic, operating plant and operating machinery. All our safety zone markings are durable, long lasting and done using quality installers and equipment. When planning new safety zone markings, we make sure to follow all relevant codes of practise and Australian standards.

Some Of The Safety Zone Markings We Offer

  • Workers Safety Routs
  • Hazardous Areas
  • Danger Zones
  • Caution Zones
  • Keep Clear Zones
  • Fire Equipment Zones

Keep your workplace safe and implement an effective health and safety policy which covers all the bases. We Also offer non-slip and safety flooring services as well as Chemical Resistant Coatings 

If you need fast and expert line-marking for your property in Perth, PM Industries can make it happen.

No job too big

Whether its car parks, commercial complexes, and warehouses or road line marking at places such as schools and factories, We can do it all. Our service covers a massive area of the state and we are able to meet your requirements whether in Perth metropolitan or regional areas of Western Australia. No job is to big or small

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Get a free consultation & quote

We offer a free consultation, should you need an onsite inspection or specification advice. Fill in the below form and a member of our friendly team will be back to you within 24-48 hours