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We are a team of highly driven and committed individuals in the industry serving commercial kitchens and providing credible and trustworthy services. 

Our skilled team is providing commercial kitchen flooring efficiently and effectively for the last 25 years to the residents of Perth city and surrounding suburbs.

Mentioning commercial kitchens, flooring plays a critical role. It is a demanding area that requires attention, needs to look its finest and perform at a high level. With pounding feet, constant exposure to grinding equipment, grim and frequent spills, your kitchen floors require a quality coating that will protect them while also be a being a high quality investment. 



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Is It Time To Upgrade Your Commercial Kitchen Flooring?

We are here to help you understand the unique needs of commercial kitchen flooring and provide the very cost-effective resources you need to pick out eye-catching, affordable and long-lastingly durable flooring services and products.   

If your kitchen’s flooring is beginning to look worn out and old it could be time to give your floor a makeover, and it would be far better off if you use epoxy. We are here for you to offer you a varied range of options and are a commendable service in the domain of epoxy flooring. The residents of Perth city and surrounding suburbs now should know who to approach for epoxy floors when the time comes for your place’s renovation.

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Why does commercial Kitchen flooring matter, and what do we offer?

Safety against heavy loads

Our commercial kitchen flooring is designed to cater to heavy traffics and loads on the floors. Commercial floors take a beating, and these need to stay strong beneath heavy foot traffic while also being resistant to heat and avoiding damage due to spills.

Visual appeal

We offer aesthetic epoxy services as we know kitchen flooring is extremely important and cannot remain hidden. The flooring adds to your business’s special and refreshing ambience and reassures customers that food preparation spaces are safe and clean. Hence, we bring you exclusive epoxy that serves the purpose and adds an attractive look to the floor, enabling the business to function and perform at top levels.  

Sanitation and safety regulations

Our flooring ensures that the flooring is regulated for the safety of the employees. Flooring that is easy to keep clean puts customers’ safety at risk. With a high potential for food buildup, bacteria collecting and pooling, we must bring you our impeccable and unique epoxy that makes your kitchen floors seamless and easy to maintain.

Our epoxy flooring helps employees remain safe and productive, resulting from slip-resistant floors while also fighting grease. 

Heat resistance

Our flooring service is planned, especially, to withstand thermal shocks. The flooring may naturally expand and contract as temperatures change. In hot kitchens, floorings may move at different rates, resulting in thermal shocks that cause cracks and bubbles in the floor, causing them to wear down. Still, you do not have to worry; we know that and have got you fully sorted.

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Epoxy Creates A More Sanitary Easily Cleanable Environment

We understand that at the end of a long shift, exhausted staff members would appreciate it when the kitchen has low-maintenance floors that are easy to clean. Hence, we bring our commercial epoxy as your best flooring option that maintains industrial quality, excellence and supreme standards. By having kitchen flooring that can be quickly sanitized efficiently, restaurants can make a noticeable difference in staff morale, efficiency and labour costs.

We can offer you amazing flooring design options and epoxy floor coatings for commercial kitchens; those with high build and non-slip qualities. Epoxy has scratch resistance features that prevent the accumulation of bacteria and protect the floor, making it look alluring and seamless all year round. 

Commercial Kitchen Flooring That Meets Food Industry Standards

We understand kitchens are hard-hitting environments that must adhere to high standards, including local and regional health codes and regulations. So, we create commercial floor coatings for residents living in Perth and nearby suburbs for simplified hygienic kitchen maintenance and to help you sustain your business and kitchen smoothly. We offer durable surface protections which is highly suitable for commercial concrete flooring and high compression conditions.

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Save a lot of money, time, and effort with us and our committed team offering dedicated kitchen flooring service so that you cherish your investment for several years to come. You may contact us directly, visit our website or fill out the quote form to get registered with us and delve into the ins and outs of kitchen flooring with us, which serves as the most crucial element and space of your home and commercial kitchens. 

If you are interested in installing your own commercial kitchen epoxy flooring, we have ample resources to make your project successful with our expertise and commitment towards clients. Since we believe in maintaining lasting relationships with our esteemed clients, we ensure that you gain more control over the budget and finances of your flooring and get greater results at lower costs. We are also here if you need guidance on installing your long-lasting flooring.