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Dairy Flooring That Can Survive The Harsh Environments

Our dairy flooring Is mindfully selected to last. You will reap the benefits of antiskid, chemical resistant and impact resistant flooring that will stand the test of time. We know that no two businesses are the same and we always cater to the specific needs of the client. Dairy flooring should not be generic, there are many considerations to take into account.

The dairy industry is a very fast pace environment, its prone to daily heavy impacts, foot traffic form cattle and can be prone to many different types of bacterial growth due to animal fluids, faeces, inadequate cleanliness and water ponding.

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Australian dairy farmers produce about 8-9 billion litres of milk each year so its important to ensure that the dairy flooring system can withstand the high impact environment, while maintaining a high level of safety and hygiene to allow for quick and effective dairy production. 



 Concrete is porous by nature, meaning that it tends to be able house different types of bacteria and hold moisture if its constantly wet or pooling water. Dramatic temperature changes mixed with damp conditions over time can cause concrete dairy flooring to crack and weaken, this is simply not the case with epoxy resins and polyurethane flooring systems


 Epoxy resin and Polyurethane flooring are seamless flooring systems, they do not have joins, cracks or crevices for dirt, bacteria and any other contaminants to hide. With correct cleaning your epoxy resin or polyurethane floor surfaces will remain clean and hygienic, keeping your commercial dairy industry business up to spec with the safety requirements of the dairy and food processing industry.


Dairy cows can weigh up to 500kg, your flooring needs to be able to handle the high impact, fast pace environment that working with dairy cows can bring. epoxy resin can withstand 10000psi and above depending on the mixture. This is already much better than simply relying on concrete which is only good for about 3000-5000psi.


Many epoxy resins and polyurethane floor coatings are already slip resistant to an extent. For extra measure there are a wide range of different additives we can use to maximise slip resistance and improve the safety of your floors in all areas of your dairy processing industry.


Hygiene and safety doesn’t have to stop out in the field. We can cover all areas of your dairy and food processing business. While there is a direct correlation between floor cleanliness and the cows health across all cattle occupied areas, its also a great idea to cover all facilities and amenities with an epoxy resin flooring system.

There are different grades of slip resistance we can offer depending on the needs and traffic in that specific area. No two floors need to be the same as we cater to all needs of your commercial business. Whether its storage facilities, cool rooms, offices or dairy processing, we can ensure the safety and longevity of your floors with a PM Industries installed flooring system. 


We have 25 years experience in the concrete coating and resurfacing industry, so its pretty safe to say we have done it all. We can provide a dairy flooring solution to all your on site needs.

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All our floor solutions will meet Australian flooring and safety guidelines in the dairy and food processing industry. All our products are certified for purpose.