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PM Industries are your trusted professional installers of epoxy coatings in Perth and regional WA. With over 25 years in the industry building relationships with repeat customers its safe to say we know floors, but more than that, we know people.

What Is Epoxy Flake Flooring?

Epoxy flake flooring is a seamless decorative flooring that uses different sizes and shaped polymer colour flake to change the appearance of your flooring from a regular concrete surface to a work of art. Much like epoxy flooring it is made using a mix of resins and hardening agents offering an extremely durable surface. It cures extremely hard to become a long lasting floor suitable for both indoor and outdoor areas.

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Flake Install Before & After - Residential

Flake flooring in Perth WA before photo Flake flooring in Perth Wa after installation photo

The Best Epoxy Flake Flooring In Perth

Benefits Of Epoxy Flake Flooring

Our Flake flooring offers a seamless surface and much like epoxy flooring they offer stain and chemical resistance for an easily maintainable and long lasting floor. We can offer a massive range of flake variations and resins like the well sought-after terrazzo and natural stone looks and even certain marble variations.

Wet Areas And Non-Slip 

In many cases, a lot of commercial businesses select flake flooring for wet areas such as bathrooms, showers or even pool side for its natural non-slip qualities. In some cases where extra caution is needed, we can use non-slip additives for an even grippier finish or we can offer a stone variation that has a grainy texture to it and provides a natural non-slip surface.

Decorative Epoxy Flake Flooring Perth

Where Is Epoxy Flake Flooring Used?

Flake flooring can be extremely beneficial in retail as it can be colour matched and styled to suit any theme and is very visually appealing. This type of floor is also very durable and can withstand high traffic which is perfect retail and businesses wanting to add something extra.

Flake flooring can be a great option in schools as they can withstand the high traffic from students and maintain a high level of cleanliness while adding character at the same time. Non-slip additives or options can used for extra protection making them a safe option for students.

With flake flooring popularity on the rise, we are finding more and more people are opting to have flake flooring installed inside their homes and outdoor areas as a styling option. With amazing looks replicating stone and various other designs, they can really bring a living space to life. Remember our flooring is seamless meaning no nasties can hide anywhere.


Flake flooring has been used in garages and outdoor areas for quite some time now. It can offer a show room appeal and is easily maintained with resistance to spills and slips.

Epoxy Flake Flooring Installers In Perth

We always deliver a superior finished product. At PM Industries, our focus is on delivering the highest quality epoxy flake flooring and our work and happy customers speaks for itself. 

Epoxy flake flooring is increasingly gaining more popularity in homes and in the workplace. With many flake sizes and colour variations to choose from, there is a design for every setting. You will find that flake floors have all the benefits that epoxy floors have, such as; durability, slip resistance, stain/chemical resistance and scratch resistance, while being easily maintainable. 

PM industries offers a free consultation and quote so if you’d like to chat about all our options to transform your concrete floor, please call or fill out the quote form and someone will get in touch as soon as possible.

Garage Epoxy Flake Flooring Perth

Epoxy flakes are perfect solution for making your garage look clean and new. If you want to make your garage floor last longer, then it is best to install an epoxy resin coating. A concrete floor coating will seal any cracks in the concrete and help prevent dirt from accumulating on the ground. This will help keep your garage looking cleaner for longer. 

Our floor coatings come in many different styles and colours. If you’re considering installing a top coat on your concrete slab, then a quality epoxy floor with flakes will give you the strength and visual appeal you are looking for. 

Garage Flake Before & After

perth-epoxy-flake-flooring-in-garage-pmindustries epoxy-flake-flooring-perth-garage-residential-pmindustries

Decorative And Visual Appeal Of Epoxy Flakes

Decorative flakes are most popular for those seeking to make a statement. Flake flooring is a great way to cover a basic concrete slab and have a high visual impact that will catch eyes and draw people in. This type of flooring is not for everyone, but it does offer something special for those who are willing to try something new. Our flake flooring can mimic the likeness of terrazzo flooring, Marble flooring and natural stone, so if you want one of these high ticket flooring options without the price tag, flake flooring might just be the option for you. 

Delux/Avista Flake Range

Standard Decorative Flakes

Here are some examples of flake flooring looks from the standard rang offered by  Dulux Avista

Prefer the Terrazzo look without the price tag?

Partially broadcasting the flakes emulates the granite and marble chips in terrazzo flooring. 

Try the popular natural stone look

Made from a mix of different stone looking flakes the natural stone looks have a premium stone look finish. 

Designer Flake PTY LTD Flake Range

We are proud to offer designer flake’s extensive flake range for installation. Both Standard Blend and Marbleton Blend Ranges also come in smaller sized flakes.  If you’re unsure about which base coat or flake blend to use simply ask us for our recommendation and we’d be happy to help. 

Standard Blend Range

New Generation Blend Range

Marbleton Blend Range

Stone Grip Blend Range