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The benefits of commercial epoxy flooring

Epoxying is a method for commercial flooring in different industries. Epoxy is a material like paint, plastic, or an adhesive formulated as a polymer of epoxides. To create a smooth and durable surface with a clean finish, Epoxy flooring involves the application of epoxy coating over concrete floors. Epoxy coatings are usually used for commercial floor coatings and garage floors. Epoxy is highly durable, sustainable, and customisable, lasting longer than standard flooring. 

Epoxy coating has a different chemical structure than standard paints. It is a combination of hardening agents and polymer resins similar to epoxy glue which combine to form a chemical bond that designs a durable plastic-like material. Additionally, Epoxy is a surface that comprises multiple epoxy layers with a minimum depth of 2 millimetres that are applied to a floor. The epoxy flooring is different from the epoxy coating. The difference between the epoxy coating and flooring lies in the depth of epoxy.

Hiring a professional installer is extremely important; be it any setting, large or small, commercial or industrial, requires a professional application. To accomplish the business’ goal, business owners must weigh their options when making every financial decision, including choosing the best, most cost-effective, long-lasting flooring option for their building. Let us explore more about floor epoxy and find out why it is popular among commercial floor coatings. Several important benefits account for the popularity of epoxy, as listed below.

Seamless surface and ease of maintenance

The products dry quickly and become seamlessly durable with an even smooth texture. This makes the surface easily cleaned of dust, dirt, and debris. The smooth and even surface is also very easy to sweep and maintain. Since not much sticks to this type of flooring, cleaning up a mess is very easy. As a result of the ease of cleaning, epoxy is ideal for pharmaceutical preparations, food and beverages, and packing plants.  

Customisable Aesthetics

Apart from being one of the most attractive flooring designs you can get in the market, epoxy floors provide a funky look to traditional, plain-looking, unappealing and dull-looking concrete floors. With the multitude of available options, you can allow it to look sophisticated, sleek and attractive. One should not forget that epoxy offers a three-dimensional look, and even that look would look gorgeous. 

With the available options of colours and patterns, you can successfully provide high glossy shine to the floors, along with multiple colour schemes, so that you get a feel of luxury flooring and lighting in your kitchens and elsewhere with a striking gaze.   


If you are looking for options to renovate your kitchens or floors to give them a new look or theme, your best choice is epoxy. It allows you to choose from various colours and patterns according to your taste. The available customisation options come with various colour schemes and combinations. Hence, the product and service will undoubtedly update and refine the concrete floors with an elegant shine and richness. 


The price per square foot of an epoxy floor is much lower than the other conventional floorings. This allows for easy installation, which is super affordable and cheap. The epoxy coating can also be applied on top of concrete for a low cost compared to other options.


It is suited for concrete-based surfaces stronger than epoxy; hence, it best suits them to maintain balance and durability between the two. The Epoxy floors offer incredible and consistent durability. They can be used without mortar or glue. Epoxy is particularly and especially comfortable for bare feet due to its anti-fatigue properties, but you may also need a separate layer of clear coat.

Easy to Install

It is super convenient, fast and easy to install compared to other flooring. This directly means that organizations in Perth planning to install epoxy would not need to halt their operations for long. Moreover, due to ease and convenience in installation, the installation-related costs are also less than other floorings like hardwood or timber. If you worry about the cost, then you can rest assured with its affordable range. 


The commercial and supreme quality epoxy floor coatings do not allow water to penetrate through the surface, reducing the risk of slips and falls that may cause severe accidents and mishaps. Instead, epoxy manufacturers add a slip-resistant coating to enhance people’s walking and moving safety. 

Additionally, Epoxy floors are highly resistant to oil, gasoline, bleach, transmission fluid and more, making them great for areas where many harsh chemicals are used, like garages. Besides being resistant to fluids, water and chemicals, epoxy floor coating is also heat resistant. Chemical spills or heat exposures do not typically negatively affect the flooring.

These floors are resistant to germs and bacteria since they are easy to clean making a suitable choice for all. This also makes epoxy an excellent choice for hospitals or clinics. Hospitals and clinics should not miss out on this! 


Other than having all the mentioned exceptional qualities, epoxy is a type of coating that ultimately acts as a protective layer for the concrete surface underneath the flawless and beautiful flooring. This results in a protection against water or staining, which is 100 per cent better than traditional paint, and from cracking due to dryness much more conveniently and without extra effort.

The epoxy works best for all, as it is important to have a good surface to work with. However, when deciding on the preferred type of epoxy finish, it is hard to know which one will be best for your needs and here, you will need to talk to trusted experts in the industry.

Damage Resistance

Besides being simple and alluringly pleasing to the eye, epoxy will also hold up quite admirably against brutal treatment and emerge undamaged and unscathed. There remains absolutely no need to worry about debris and dirt scratching or even marring your stunning floors. Your worry should also be paralleled to none regarding falling tools and heavy objects, as the epoxy assures full damage resistance in that area. 


The professional and bright look of the epoxy floors compared to average garage floors makes those worthwhile. Their appearance alone adds to making them enticing to use.


Epoxy coating lasts longer than many types of flooring, such as wood and vinyl. It will last for a few decades without cracking or peeling if installed perfectly and properly. In addition to its durability, its lifespan makes it popular for commercial and industrial use.

The added benefit in terms of safety.

It may not be known to many but using epoxy on a garage floor is super effective as it reflects light off the ground and enhance visibility inside the area. Epoxy floors are reflective surfaces that spread the light in every direction, thereby brightening a room. Though everyday wear and tear may take a toll on Epoxy floors, a fresh coat may be required to look good.

Easy Preparation, 

Lastly, unlike other finishes, epoxy does not require much preparation. The only required step is cleaning and then drying the floor before applying an epoxy coating. Ensure that the floor is completely dry because if not, it may prevent the epoxy from bonding properly to the surface underneath. 

Contacting a professional and reliable company is always a better option to execute the flooring and related procedures. Epoxy floors are your one-step solution as these help floors to look impressive and are a money saver, for sure! If you are looking for your kitchens or commercial property, then epoxy floors would be impeccable and the best choice. 

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